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December 13, 2013 by Toy Links No Comments

Top Toy Links is a new weekly column featuring a round up of current toy related links from around the web. Your first sample features Pokemon Lego creations, a Monster High review, confessions of a Barbie collector and a look at the latest Nightmare Before Christmas toys plus more!

If you have a link you would like to see featured in my round ups please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Toy Links from the last 7 days…

Coming Out as a Barbie Collector - A collector details reactions both positive and negative to his Barbie collection from romantic partners via La Times.

Finding Nemo Funko Pops - Images of the latest disney Funko Pops from Finding Nemo, these are so cute  and angular via Tomopop.

Jane Boolittle – Monster High Doll - An indepth and quality review of the latest Monster High Doll, I am not sure about her colours but I find her pet Sloth adorable, via ToyBoxPhilosopher.

Doctor Who – Fourth Doctor Review - I really enjoyed the 50th Anniverary of Doctor Who and the suprise appearance of Tom Baker.  Check out the review of Big Chief Studios toy of Tom Baker’s Doctor Who via MC Captain Toy.

Lego Rapidash - I am always blown away by what people create with Lego, mix it with one of my favourtie franchises Pokemon and we have link gold.  Check out this Rapidash by Mike Nieves, via Brothers Brick.  It is also the image I used in the header image taken from Flickr, please check out Mike’s photostream to see his other amazing creations.

The Hunger Games Barbies – The Catching Fire film was amazing and this range of dolls from Mattel looks good too.  I especially want the Katniss doll, via Sugarscape.

Lil Zelf’s Green House -  I have just discovered Toy Box Nebula and love it.  Check out their review of the latest mini Zelf collection they look so colourful together, via  ToyBoxNebula.

Legend of Zelda Plushies - Super cute Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds plushies.  I really want to buy these for my Link loving partner, via Tomopop.

Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly - The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite childhood Christmas films, here is a great range of new toys from the film via Toy Book.


Share any interesting toy articles, images or videos you have seen this week in the comments below.

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