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I want to share with you today a collection of uplifting videos from AmputeeOT.  Christina shot to internet fame when she built herself an awesome prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks.

Christina started uploading videos to youtube after a major accident.  She chronicled her journey before and after recently undergoing surgery to remove her foot after it was crushed when she was repairing her car at home.    The videos range from serious to comical and it really made my afternoon watching her and hope it does the same for you.

AmputeeOT Videos

The first video is of Christina building herself a prosthetic leg out of lego in a time lapse video.   It is a really neat and nerdy idea.  She encases her stump in lego and builds herself a lego, ankle and foot for the fun.  Unfortunately the leg is too narrow at the bottom and does not really function, maybe if she had opted for a peg leg type creation it would have been a bit more sturdier.  Cool and fun to watch either way though!

I would then recommend checking out the rest of her videos too, you can follow her journey from having a crushed foot infected by necrosis (warning this video is very graphic), to her deciding and having her amputation and then her adapting to only having one foot and learning to walk again.   There are a range of interesting topics covered from phantom limb sensations to devotees and Christina’s intellect and personality shine through in each video.  It is a really interesting look at someone who has a disability but how it does not limit them or define them.

Did you enjoy these videos?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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