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I watched Equestria Girls and my mind did not implode!

I am long term fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and  I have watched the cartoon from the beginning of series one ,  and subsequently looked forward to every new episode since then.  I really enjoy the show and engage with the characters, so I wanted this film to be good (or at least not terrible)!  However when I heard about the Equestria Girls film I was apprehensive about the concept of transforming the characters into “human” form and placing them in a high school setting.

I can’t say the film really won me over to the fact this was a good idea for the franchise, but I did actually enjoy the film more than I thought I would and the drama and controversy surrounding it was really not worth it.

Below find a summary of what I thought worked and what didn’t.  The film is pretty predictable but be warned my review contains spoilers.


Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer


Sunset Shimmer Sucks

I like the concept of Sunset Shimmer, she is essentially the former apprentice of Celestia who turned to the darkside (unfortunately this is where the star wars metaphors end).  However I don’t like what they did with her in the film.  Once she is in the alternative universe she is just an archetypal high school bully and is so damn boring.  She reminds me of Trixie but with less personality and no awesome catchphrases.  Also what villain thinks they can take on three princess Alicorns in Equestria with just an army of entranced high school students as back up

Unnecessary Romance

The romance between Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry seems forced and unnecessary.  There was no point to it and I didn’t feel it added anything to the film.  To then see this romance carried over to Equestria at the end and the rest of the ponies talking about crushes just made me cringe and is not something I want to see more of.   There has been other romances in MLP that I enjoyed but there is something about how this was presented that I did not care for.

Boring High School Stereotypes

This sort of setting lends itself to boring cliches and stereotypes.  I don’t think that this story was made better or more interesting in anyway for it being set in a high school.  The aim of the main villain and hero was to unify the high school cliques and achieve their aims by becoming the princess prom queen. Meh.

 equestria girls


The Cameos

I really enjoyed seeing all the different background and minor ponies in human form.  It was enjoyable to see how they had been interpreted and what they where up to.  In particular I liked the cutie mark crusaders look and seeing Vinyl Scratch and Twist.  Not mentioning Trixie’s small part at the vending machine.

The Characters

The best part of the film was seeing the mane six interact with each other as well as the do in the cartoons.  The jokes, the dynamics and the dialogue all worked really well and by the end I had overcome my dislike of their human form and was enjoying the film as much as I do any other episode.


The film is not too bad at it’s core it is still a pony film.  The dialogue, the animation and the songs are the same quality as any MLP episode.  The interactions between the characters remain in tact and are enjoyable.  However the film suffers from being set in an alternative high school universe that turns ponies into “people”.  This change and setting added nothing to the film and was just a distracting framing device.

This film appeals amicably to it’s target demographic but for older fans the problems are obvious.  However if you are willing to watch the film without over analysing it and just appreciate it for what it is – you are likely to enjoy it.

If you already  watch MLP then you should watch Equestria girls, you might not love it but I bet you won’t hate it.

What did you think of Equestria Girls?   Share your opinion in the comments below:

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